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Someone shared with me about their doubt in their own practice and asked tips on growing their own self-practice.

I really like this question because I think it’s really empowering to create a deeper connection with our innate wisdom, trusting that our body knows how to move. We can become disconnected from the intelligence and feedback our body communicates, and it’s a beautiful journey back to listening and trusting.

Check out some of the tips I share in this video on how you can embrace some of the blocks that can arise when creating your own practice by:

– Inquiring into the pressure that we impose on ourselves.
– Journaling them all in a raw unedited format that enables us to look at the different aspects so we can navigate and embrace them.
– Not trying to push away pressure, instead viewing it as an opportunity to experiment and explore. Have fun with it! When we give authority back over to the intelligence of our body , we will see that every practice we’ve ever done is recorded in our tissues.
– Letting the experiment be an inquisition instead of a destination.
– Extracting what we love about our favorite practices, and making a sequence that we can put at the top of our mat to play and practice with.

Let me know in the comments below if the tips in this video have sparked even a little inspiration for you. I would love to know!


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