Workout: Full-Body Bodyweight HIIT


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Everyone loves a good workout that you can actually feel making changes to your body while you do it! This is why HIIT / EPOC training is so popular these days. High-intensity interval training is great bang for your buck when it comes to workouts. It doesn’t take the whole day to do and your body is truly challenged while you’re doing it. Feel the burn, people, and give this one a go!

Full-Body Bodyweight HIIT Workout

As always, please do a proper warm-up before you get started so you don’t strain yourself. We want to get healthier, without injuring ourselves!

For each of the exercises below, do 40 seconds of each with 20 seconds off, for 5 rounds, with a minute rest between rounds. HIIT is all about continuous movement with only brief pauses, so if you feel like you’re maxed out—good!

You can do this workout 3-4 times per week—just listen to your body! In the beginning, you may need more rest. Once you’ve adjusted to the muscle stress, you’ll find it much easier to do and more frequently! Now, go get your sweat on.

1. Burpees

Start standing. Crouch down and jump back into an upright plank position (hands under shoulders, feet under ankles). From there, lower yourself into a push up for the most bang-for-your-buck. Jump your feet into your chest and spring up to full extension. Repeat.

A more advanced option of this exercise includes a pull-up at the end of the jump. Consider purchasing an at-home pull-up bar to diversify your home workout repertoire.

2. Reverse Lunge — Single Side

Starting with feet together, one leg steps back into a reverse lunge. As you step forward to bring your feet back to neutral, drive the knee to the chest, then back into the reverse lunge without touching the ground in-between. You can switch sides after 20 seconds.

Workout: Full-Body Bodyweight HIIT

Workout: Full-Body Bodyweight HIIT

3. Spider-Man Push Ups

Start in the plank position (hands below shoulders and toes flexed on the floor, trunk taught). As you lower into the push up, bring your right knee to your right elbow, looking right. Return to a plank and repeat on the other side.

Workout: Full-Body Bodyweight HIIT spiderman, workout, HIIT

4. Seated Squat Jumps

Start by sitting on a box or bench, explode out of a seated position into a fully extended jump. Softly land back in seated position, with your butt only briefly touching down before repeating.

Workout: Full-Body Bodyweight HIIT squat jump, workout, HIIT

Workout: Full-Body Bodyweight HIIT squat jump, workout, HIIT

5. Rotational Mountain Climbers

Maintain perfect plank throughout this exercise. Run your knees quickly into your chest and across your body toward your opposite elbow, without stopping for the duration.

Workout: Full-Body Bodyweight HIIT mountain climber, workout, HIIT

6. Single Leg Lateral Hops

Using an object on the ground or a small hurdle, jump side to side over it on a single leg. You can switch legs at 20 seconds. Keep your core tight!

Workout: Full-Body Bodyweight HIIT lateral jumps, workout, HIIT


Good work on getting through a tough workout (here’s another one maxi climber full body workout)! While many of these exercises you can do at home, if you get creative, you can modify almost anything you see at the gym for your home workout.

HIIT workouts make for great at-home options since they require very little equipment.

Post your comments and questions below and let us know how you did with this workout!

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