Why This Marathoner Says Personalization Is the Key to Her Wellness Routine


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You might think that someone who runs as much as Mellie does is all about cardio, all the time; however, she said balance is the key to a workout routine that’s sustainable. She usually alternates between cardio like cycling or running, strength training, and active recovery like a long walk or yoga session.

Just as she builds more relaxed days into her workout routine, Mellie also makes alone time a key part of her daily schedule. She usually sets her alarm for 5 a.m. so she can have some time for herself to get in a workout before her son wakes up. “My mornings are my ‘me’ time,” Mellie explained. “I learned the hard way that as a mom, it’s almost impossible to find time for myself. By making time for myself in the morning, I fill my own cup first, and I’m able to do it all for the rest of the day because I’ve already given myself so much from the second I woke up. Committing to making the time is the hardest step, but once you do it, it’s so rewarding.”

True balance means focusing on habits that make you feel rested, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the day — whether or not that includes a predawn run is up to you. “We all know that there is no one size fits all for a workout plan or nutrition plan,” Mellie said. Wellness is all about doing what makes you feel best in your body. For Mellie, “it’s a 10-mile run on a Saturday, a colorful breakfast in the morning, and getting out for some sunshine during my lunch break. It’s making choices for a fulfilling and healthy life every day.”

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