What to Know About Equinox Prices Before Committing to a Membership


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The view of the large studio cycling room at the new New York-based Equinox at River Oaks District, 4444 Westheimer Road, fitness club has opened its first Houston location, Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2015, in Houston.  Equinox is considered to be a leader in the fitness boutique club arena and has large celebrity following. ( Steve Gonzales  / Houston Chronicle ) (Photo by Steve Gonzales/Houston Chronicle via Getty Images)

From the moody gym lighting to the glass refrigerators stacked with eucalyptus-infused towels, Equinox encompasses all things luxury fitness. Still, a gym with its own spa and steam room comes at a price. Equinox membership prices have fluctuated over the years, but in 2024, the exact number depends on your location, desired access, and level of commitment. For more details on Equinox gym prices and membership tiers, we took a look at Equinox prices in several major cities, cross-referencing with members on social media to see if it’s actually worth the splurge.

How Much Is a Basic Equinox Membership?

Most of the 107 Equinox clubs are split up into four basic price tiers with various benefits and levels of access, but each one requires a 12-month commitment. The Select tier costs anywhere from $220 (Austin, Texas) to $252 a month (Downtown LA), including unlimited in-person and digital classes, access to the EQX+ app, a complimentary fitness assessment, and many enviable amenities at your selected location. According to the Equinox website, new members also receive a free personal training session, a one-on-one studio Pilates session, and two guest passes, which renew annually.

How Much Is an All-Access Equinox Membership?

Moving up in price, the All-Access tier guarantees you access to over 80 clubs across the US and Canada, including your selected location. The All-Access Equinox membership is generally priced at $310, with the exception of the larger Equinox Sports Clubs, which are more expensive. Some major areas, including Boston and Southern California, also include a Regional tier, granting membership to all the clubs in the area. So for instance, access to all Equinox gyms in Boston would run you $267 a month; access to all Equinox gyms in Southern California (with the exception of the Century City location and Sports Club LA) totals $287 a month.

How Much Is an Equinox Destination Membership?

The final Equinox membership prices give you access to even more locations, aptly named the Destination membership. Excluding the Hudson Yards location in New York City and the Century City location in Los Angeles, Destination members can go to any Equinox they’d like (including the E Clubs) for $345 a month. And since we know you’re wondering: the only available membership options for the Hudson Yards and Century City locations is $405 a month, but that membership also comes with access to all Equinox clubs worldwide. This final pricing tier was formerly known as an E membership, according to Reddit users.

How Much Are Equinox Sports Clubs?

Although all Equinox locations have high standards, Equinox Sports Clubs — like the ones in Washington DC, Orange County, Los Angeles, and Boston — have even more amenities and slightly different pricing. We’re talking pickleball courts, an outdoor track, and even a rock-climbing wall.

The pricing reflects the additional services. Pricing at Sports Club Boston, for instance, begins at the monthly $267 Regional tier instead of the Select tier. On the other hand, Sports Club LA costs $295 a month and you only get access to that specific location. In Orange County, you can pay $270 a month for Sports Club access, or $287 a month for access to every Equinox in Southern CA, but Sports Club LA is not included. As a reminder, the $345 Destination membership will get you access to almost every gym, but unless you’re paying $405 a month, the Hudson Yards and Century City locations are still excluded. The Equinox website notes that you can also purchase a Day Pass for any location not included in your membership (although it does not disclose the price of the pass).

Why Is Equinox So Expensive?

The Equinox pricing discourse isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The memberships are undeniably expensive. Your gym habits will determine whether the cost is worth it to you. As some members on Reddit explain, Equinox makes more financial sense for them considering all of their previous fitness classes and memberships. Instead of paying separately for Pilates, boxing, yoga, and/or spin class, Equinox makes it easier (and in some cases, more affordable) to access a wide variety of classes in one place. The fact that it’s so luxurious is just an added bonus.

A gym should always serve you on a functional level, but at Equinox, you’re also paying for convenience. Equinox members say the gyms are typically less crowded (although this depends on the city), allowing them to get more done without navigating a busy space or waiting for equipment. Some say the general ambience and fitness-oriented community motivates them to prioritize their own goals as well. “The atmosphere in this gym is so unmatched, and you really walk out feeling 10 times better than how you felt walking in,” content creator Maggie Cooper said after trying Equinox out for herself. With space to work, healthy food, cold plunges, and saunas, Equinox really does keep the focus on wellness, and that’s something people are willing to pay for. “What’s wrong with paying premium if you’re serious about fitness?” one Redditor wrote. “Working out has saved my mental and physical health. I’m my best investment.”

Then there are the amenities. The eucalyptus towels barely scratch the surface when you consider the luxe showers lined with fresh Kiehl’s products. “It feels like getting your skin kissed by a thousand little baby water angels,” Sydni Wynter confirmed on TikTok. That’s not to mention the steam room, saunas, vanities, and pool.

But even with all the amenities in the world, not everyone is sold. “You aren’t paying for machines, you are paying for status and showering,” one user commented on Wynter’s TikTok. Others noted that while a luxury gym like Equinox might be something to aspire to, the pricing simply isn’t realistic. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if an Equinox membership makes sense for your lifestyle. If you’re interested in learning more, you can try a complimentary class at Equinox and get a better sense of everything the club has to offer.

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