This 10-Minute Low-Impact Bodyweight Class Is Perfect For Busy Mornings


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Slightly pressed for time? Opt for this low-impact bodyweight cardio class with PS trainer Nicolette Amarillas. At only ten minutes, it might be quick, but it’s also bound to get you up and moving. Assisted by Mikayla Campbell and Paulyn Baens, Amarillas starts the session with a series of intervals, including 30 seconds on, and 15 seconds of rest, for a total of three minutes. To kick things off, Amarillas and the crew start with step out jacks. With beginner-friendly modifications throughout, Amarillas reminds viewers that they can make things more challenging by increasing the pace, or slowing down to reduce the intensity. Next up, the class incorporates cross body knee to elbow movements, followed by low-impact burpees. To finish out the round, Amarillas takes the class through a series of squat pulses for 45 seconds. “Stay low. This is where the mind comes in – the mind is going to be like no, I can’t do it,” Amarillas says, “You can. A strong mind equals a strong body.”

For the next phase, the class completes a 2-minute round, including 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. To start, viewers perform a series of reverse lunges, combined with knee to elbow movements, and then forward to backward low squats. Amarillas encourages the class to stay low and stay strong, using the glutes to create stability during the movements. For the final two movements, Amarillas explains how to perform speed skaters without a jump. To increase intensity, reach low to touch the floor, or add a small jump to the movement. Or, as a regression, simply follow along and don’t try to touch the floor at all. This phase ends strong with a quick burst of alternating punches, carefully selected to let out some aggression.

For the final round of the session, the class follows a pattern of 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest, for a total of two minutes. Amarillas gets things moving with an up-down plank, proving that a low-impact bodyweight workout can bring forth a lot of energy. Next up on the menu are squat jacks and front kicks, after which Amarillas jokingly asks the class for everyone to reevaluate their life choices before completing the session. Finishing out strong, Amarillas and the team perform squats into calf raises onto the toes. “If this is hard, good, it’s only going to get you stronger!” Amarillas says, reminding everyone to stay encouraged. “You didn’t show up because it’s easy.”

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Name: Nicolette Amarillas

Outfit: Alo Yoga

Shoes: APL

Instagram: @nicolette.amarillas

Name: Mikayla Campbell

Outfit: Nike

Shoes: Nike

Instagram: @mikayyylaaa

Name: Paulyn Baens

Outfit: Uniqlo

Shoes: APL

Instagram: @paulynbaens

Jade Esmeralda, MS, CSCS, is a Staff Writer, Health & Fitness. A life-long martial artist and dancer, Jade has a strong passion for strength & conditioning, sports science, and human performance. She graduated with a Master of Science degree in Exercise Science and Strength and Conditioning from George Washington University.

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