The Latest ‘Hot Girl’ Accessory? A Bike, Of Course


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Photo courtesy of ImaxTree.

The girls that get it, get it.

When it comes to bikes, what’s not to like? They let you zoom through traffic, get exercise, and do the environment a favour. But how do you make something so practical look cute? Let the cyclists at Copenhagen Fashion Week lead the way.

The chic crowd showing up on their bikes proved to us that while shorts and pants still rule this particular street style, almost anything goes, including skirts and dresses that allow for plenty of movement. Just remember to avoid anything with too much volume or length so it doesn’t get caught in the wheel.

Think accessories here, too: Unless your bike comes with a basket, opt for a stylish backpack, crossbody bag or hanging tote to free up your hands.

Still unsure how to dress with your bike? Click through the gallery below for some outfit inspiration from Copenhagen Fashion Week. Then enjoy the ride.

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