The Best Science-Based Post Workout Meal To Build Muscle (EAT THIS!)

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Although the post-workout meal and post-workout nutrition isn’t as crucial as we once thought, it still does have its merits. Since by knowing what to eat after a workout and the best thing to eat after a workout, you’ll be able to better improve your performance and recovery, and build muscle that much faster. So how can we design the best post workout meal for muscle gain using the best muscle building foods to eat after a workout? Well in this video that’s exactly what I’ll cover by going through what research has deemed as the optimal post-workout meal along with various easy to make post-workout meal plan examples that you can implement right away. Afterwards, you’ll know exactly what to eat to build muscle after a workout.

First, let’s talk about protein. The best types of protein after a workout will be fast digesting protein sources since research has indicated that they promote post-exercise anabolism to a greater degree and does so much faster than slower-digesting protein sources. Therefore, your best option here would simply be whey protein powder or plant protein powders, but lean meats and egg whites are definitely viable options as well. And as for the ideal amount of protein to have, we know that 20g of a high quality protein such as Whey is able to elicit a near-maximal protein synthesis response following a workout. However, they also found that doubling the amount to 40g was able to significantly boost protein synthesis by 20%. What I’d recommend though is simply aim to get at least 20g in your post-workout meal and aim for 40g if you’re on the heavier side, or if you would just like to ensure that you’re stimulating maximum protein synthesis or if this is going to be your last meal before bed since this will better improve protein synthesis.

For carbs, you’ll want to incorporate them into your post-workout meal since they create a more anabolic environment for growth and replenish glycogen the fastest. As for the best types of carbs to include, research indicates that high glycemic index carbs result in the most rapid increase in muscle glycogen following intense exercise and are thus ideal options. Some examples include white potatoes or sweet potatoes, rice cakes, white rice, and so on. However, what’s more important than the type of carbohydrate you ingest though is the amount you ingest within your post-workout meal. A good idea is to get roughly 20-30% of your total daily carb intake, or at least 25 to 30g of carbohydrates within that post-workout meal in order to best replenish your glycogen levels and support an anabolic environment.

And lastly, as for fats, research is relatively unclear as to their benefits and drawbacks regarding post-workout nutrition. In my opinion, I’d say just do what you want with fats post-workout because at the end of the day, the difference between including them or not is insignificant.

Implement the above tips into your post-workout meals and you’ll be able to recover and grow much faster. I’d also highly recommend that you check out the meal examples provided in the video.

Now keep in mind that post-workout nutrition is just one of many aspects that you’ll want to get right in order build muscle most effectively. Because you simply aren’t going to see the results that you’re after if you’re not optimizing all aspects of your nutrition and your training as well. This is exactly why within my built with science programs I not only cover training but also show you exactly when, what, and how much to eat based on your goal and body stats, such that you can build muscle and lose fat as quickly as possible. And to get started, you simply take the body type analysis quiz below to determine what program and what approach is best for you:



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