The Best Hair Removal Creams 2024


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We spoke to the experts and tried some of the top hair removal cream products on the market. Here’s what really works.

Are you one of the brave souls who can stomach a full-leg wax or multiple sessions of laser hair removal? Or are you halfway through your box of razor blade refills? Sometimes, it’s OK to seek temporary fixes — like hair removal cream.

Topped off with a luxe body oil, say hello to smooth skin for days!

What is hair removal cream, anyway?

Depilatory cream, a.k.a. hair removal cream, comes in a lotion-like consistency that you can glide on your legs, armpits and face to remove unwanted hair. “The cream weakens the hair strands, allowing for easy wiping away, leaving the skin smooth,” explains Vee Mistry, celebrity facialist and founder of SkinByVee.

To remove hair in a pinch, that’s where depilatory cream comes in. “The primary use of hair removal or depilatory cream is for quick and convenient hair removal on various body parts,” says Mistry. Hair removal cream is suited to those seeking a painless alternative to traditional hair removal methods — it’s a hassle-free solution to get smooth skin.

“The main advantages of hair removal cream include its simplicity and speed. It’s a matter of applying the cream, waiting a few minutes, and wiping it off with a fresh towel. This process eliminates hair effortlessly, providing a pain-free alternative to shaving or waxing, without the risk of cuts, razor burns, or skin trauma.”

Over time, hair removal creams provide sustained smoothness and potentially slower hair regrowth. “Its gentle action on the skin, when used as directed, can minimize irritation, making it a suitable option for maintaining smooth, hair-free skin with regular use.”

But, is it better than shaving or waxing? Board certified dermatologists say you should do a patch test on a small area first, and most people think this is entirely pain-free.

“Unlike shaving, it doesn’t involve sharp objects, reducing the risk of nicks and cuts. Compared to waxing, it’s less painful and doesn’t require the skin to be pulled, minimizing discomfort and irritation,” explains Mistry. “This makes depilatory cream a safer, more comfortable alternative for achieving smooth skin.”

The best hair removal cream 2024:

Best overall

VEET Professional Hair Removal Cream

VEET® Professional™, Hair Removal Cream, best hair removal cream

Coined as the only hair removal lotion that starts working in two minutes, Veet’s professional-grade product is a must-try. Suitable for legs and body, the cream is formulated with shea butter and enriched with a moisturizer naturally found in the skin.

Designed for all skin types, the cream minimizes ingrown hair, fight tough-to-remove follicles and keeps your body moisturized for up to 48 hours. Enjoy long-lasting hydration.

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Best budget

Nair 3-In-1 Hair Removal Lotion

Nair 3-In-1 Hair Removal Lotion, best hair removal cream

For those craving smooth legs at a fraction of the cost, we hear you. This hair removal lotion eliminates unwanted hair in as little as five minutes. With the nourishing power of sunflower seed oil and green tea extract to rejuvenate, the hardworking 3-in-1 formula extracts exfoliates and moisturizes skin for silkier skin.

Best of all, it’s easy to use — apply the lotion to your skin in the comfort of your own home. The lotion removes hair below the skin’s surface, leaving your skin smooth and radiant for days longer than shaving.

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Best rated

Veet PURE Hair Removal Cream

Veet® PURE, Hair Removal Cream, best hair removal creams

Veet’s Pure hair removal line features the least number of ingredients — designed to be just what you need for long-lasting smoothness. Designed for legs and body, the easy-to-use cream unveils beautifully smooth skin in three to six minutes. Ideal for every skin type, the cream is infused with shea butter to keep your legs ultra-soft.

“I was so scared to use this as my skin is sensitive, but I’m blown away,” says verified Amazon reviewer Kayla Perland. “It worked well on my thick and fine hairs and left my legs feeling silky smooth!”

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Best scented

Flamingo Body Hair Removal Cream

Flamingo Body Hair Removal Cream, best hair removal creams

With the sweet smells of iris and suede, Flamingo’s removal cream is a body care staple. It quickly and gently removes body hair — even on the most sensitive skin. The cream keeps your legs, arms, stomach and bikini line smooth for up to seven days, while your underarms stays hair-free for up to six days and ultra-hydrated for 24 hours.

The dermatologist-tested cream is suitable for sensitive skin and features a gentle aloe vera scent to enhance the hair removal process. The best part? It includes a spatula applicator for touch-free application and step-by-step instructions.

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Best moisturizing

Nair Sensitive Formula Hair Removal Crème

Nair Sensitive Formula Hair Removal Crème, best hair removal creams

Nair’s hair removal crème removes follicles in as little as five minutes while moisturizing to restore your supple skin. It combines grape seed oil and mallow to rejuvenate, leaving you with glowing, hair-free skin. This rich formula is specially designed for hard-to-remove, dark and coarse hair on your body, underarms, bikini area and legs.

The crème is an easy-to-use, affordable and mess-free solution to effectively removing unwanted hair — apply the lotion, let it sit for five minutes and voilà! Silky, soft and hydrated skin is yours.

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Best for men

Nair Men Hair Remover Cream

Nair Men Hair Remover Cream, best hair removal creams

Seeking the best hair removal cream for men? Look no further. Nair’s hair removal product is designed to diminish hair in the shower to quickly get rid of unwanted body hair. The tough formula works for men’s hair on the chest, back, legs, arms and yes — removing butt hair using Nair cream.

Apply the cream to your dry skin then easily rinse it away after the prescribed amount of time with cool shower water.

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