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Why bond-repair technology will be taking over the hair-care aisle.

Looking to strengthen damaged hair? It’s time to get scientific. “Bonds are important for moisture, elasticity and shine,” says Peter Schuetz, measurement science leader at Unilever. There are three types of bonds in our hair — ionic, covalent and hydrogen — and they act as a bridge between proteins that make up the hair fibre, so having a strong, healthy bridge is crucial for hair to look its best.

While hydrogen bonds are the most abundant, they are also the weakest and easily broken or damaged by external factors such as heat. “The new Nexxus Amino Bond line has been designed to repair hydrogen bonds, thanks to the formula’s inclusion of amino acids that are small enough to penetrate deep into the hair cortex,” says Schuetz.

Whether it’s in the form of shampoos, conditioners or masks, bond-repair technology will be taking over the hair-care aisle because these products not only rebuild broken bonds but can also prevent further internal damage.

Ahead, nine products that promise to do just that.

Function of Beauty Pro Bonding Leave-In Treatment

Available in formulations designed for both straight and wavy, and curly and coily hair, Function of Beauty Pro Bonding Leave-In Treatment addresses all signs of damage caused by colouring, bleaching and heat tools.

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Dove Bond Strength and Peptide Complex Shampoo

Powered by Dove’s innovative patented technology (Bio Protein Care + Peptides), this strengthening shampoo is designed to treat and prevent damaged hair from the inside out, bringing much-needed bounce and shine back into your hair.

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Joico KBond20 Defy Damage Power Masque

In just two to five minutes, this rinse-out mask builds and protects bonds from thermal, environmental and mechanical damage.

It’s formulated with keratin technology, protective lipids and 18 amino acids, providing your strands with the nourishment and tools they need to shine.

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Nexxus Amino Bond Shampoo

Over time, our hair loses keratin (a very important protein) due to over-styling, colouring, environmental stress and more. Nexxus’ Amino Bond Shampoo, and the line’s corresponding conditioner and treatment, help to repair up to two years (!) of protein loss.

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Kerasilk Strengthening Bond Builder

Want hair that’s stronger and more resilient? This Kerasilk treatment is a great place to start.

Promising to restore damaged hair by up to 98 per cent for hair that’s twenty times stronger (really!), the Strengthening Bond Treatment is clinically proven to improve hair’s elasticity.

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Amika The Kure Intense Bond Repair Hair Mask

This rich, ultra-moisturizing mask has been clinically proven to one make hair 3.2 times stronger, eight times more conditioned, with 69 per cent less breakage — in just one use.

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Virtue Damage Reverse Serum

Packed with hair-identical protein, Damage Reverse Serum instantly repairs broken bonds, breathing new life into your strands.

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Living Proof Triple Bond Complex Leave-in Hair Treatment

Once a week is all you need to see major results from this hair-strengthening treatment that repairs existing damage and prevents further damage from occurring.

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L’Oréal Professionnel Absolut Repair Molecular Rinse-Off Serum

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Featuring heat protection up to 230 degrees, and a fast-absorbing texture, this rinse-off serum is easy to use and is a must for severely damaged hair.

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