The 7 Best Protein Cereals, According to a Dietitian


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Cereal wears many hats in many kitchens — it’s the unsung hero of the breakfast table, a champion of quick dinners (unless you’re Nara Smith), and a midnight snack confidante. Whether it’s floating in a sea of milk or enjoyed straight from the box, cereal has mastered the art of bringing a simple yet nutrient-packed dish to our daily routines. And while any cereal will do if you’re just looking for something tasty to snack on, if you’re expecting your bowl to do some work — that is, to fill you up for longer than 15 minutes, give you energy, or even help you refuel after a gym session — a high-protein cereal is in order.

“Protein cereal?” you may be asking yourself. “I thought cereal was just a carb fix!” But it’s true: Nestled within those colorful boxes on the grocery shelf, some cereals are quietly flexing their protein content. These high-protein cereals serve as a testament to cereal’s versatility, not only fueling our mornings with energy but also supporting muscle health and satiety.

Yes, protein can do so much for your health, especially when it’s included in your breakfast meal. As a registered dietitian, one nutrition tip that I’m constantly repeating to people who find themselves with their tummy grumbling mid-morning is to include protein in their breakfast dishes. Doing so can keep you feeling fuller for longer and help stabilize blood sugar levels, which in turn supports sustained energy well after your meal. Yes, you can lean on classic breakfast protein choices, like eggs, for a protein boost. But cereal deserves a seat at the protein table too, as long as you’re picking the right one.

With hundreds of cereal brands in existence, it can be hard to choose which ones pack a serious protein punch. To help make this process easier, we’ve rounded 8 of the best protein cereals. Each of these options provide at least five grams of protein per serving; add in a cup of skim milk (eight grams of protein) or Greek yogurt (about 13 grams) and a couple tablespoons of nut butter (around eight grams), or have an egg (six grams) or a slice of cheese toast (around 10 grams) and you have a protein-rich breakfast (or lunch, dinner, or snack!) you’ll feel good about. Additionally, we’ve scouted out high-protein cereal options for those who are gluten-free, vegan, or following a keto diet. There’s a little something for everyone in this list.

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