Solidcore For Beginners — Everything You Need to Know Before Taking a Class


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If you’re curious about all the Solidcore hype, but you’re feeling rather intimidated by the thought of a navigating a Pilates reformer machine in a dark, blue-lit studio with thumping music, we get it. That’s why we pulled together a primer for Solidcore beginners: so you can get familiar with what Solidcore is ahead of your first class, and feel a little more confident as you walk in the door. (It’s also why we suggest taking beginner classes to develop a foundation, rather than diving right into the 50-minute, full-body strength training workout.)

It’s worth knowing up front that the goal of Solidcore is to help you reach muscle failure via small, controlled movements and repetitive muscle contractions, so your body will likely feel shaky during and after the workout. Don’t worry — that’s the point. “The purpose of the class is to target your slow-twitch muscle fibers, breaking them down so they build back stronger over a couple of days,” Triana Brown, Solidcore’s head of talent and product development, tells PS.

At the 110+ locations across the US, you can sign up for Foundation50 and Starter50 sessions, which allow for breaks between circuits and involve more in-depth demonstrations by your coach. Again, if you’re a beginner, I highly recommend attending as many of these as possible; you’ll still get a very good workout as you get used to the Solidcore-style workout. And in the meantime, keep reading to find answers to frequently asked questions, according to Brown, about everything from what to wear to when you can expect to see results.

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