Sadie Nardini: This One Goes to 11


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Sadie Nardini has appeared at Wanderlust events around the world, and now has a brand new course on Wanderlust TV, produced in collaboration with Backline to support mental, emotional and physical health of touring musicians and those who support them. Grab a free 14-day trial to check out Sadie’s short and powerful practices in “Backline: Rock Your Total Fitness“.

WL: You’re an accomplished yoga teacher who encapsulates the rock star vibe, but many people may not know that you’re actually in a rock band. Tell us a little about how you moonlight as a rocker.

SN: Long before I became a yoga teacher, I was always in a band. I was the lead singer in a Guns n’ Roses cover band in high school, and even as my yoga star rose, there was never a time I haven’t also been on the mic. 

My current project is Sadie & The Tribe: good old trashy, melodic, guitar-driven rock & roll. 

I have another voice in me beyond the yoga teacher—one that roars—and the songs we write give me that primal outlet! 

We’ve traveled the world to write and perform, and have more music coming out on Spotify and all platforms this year.

WL: Given your experience touring, you’d have a lot of insight into the unseen pressures that touring professionals face. What are some of the toughest things that working musicians (and their crew) face in their day to day on the road?

SN: People who aren’t musicians think that the life is all glamour, when in fact, it’s mostly grind. Being on the road, even if you have the cushy tour bus, can be brutal on the body and mind.

It’s even more important for musicians and crew to radically care for their bodies and mental health while basically sitting for hours, moving heavy equipment, or, if you’re the artist, getting onstage to blast out your physical and spiritual energy in ways that are epically exhilarating—and incredibly draining! 

WL: You’re releasing a new course on Wanderlust TV in support of Backline. Why does their mission resonate with you? In what ways would you like to see post-pandemic touring musicians absorb some of your somatic and mindfulness teachings?

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SN: We’ve all just been through hell. This was a worldwide pandemic that the history books will teach about long after we’re gone! Add to that stress the extra amount of anxiety that was piled upon artists and crew, many of whom lost their livelihood all at once. I know: I was onstage in LA in front of hundreds of prominent music industry folks in February 2020, basking in a ton of potential opportunities, and then suddenly—lights out. 

Artists and crew need to care for their bodies and minds in unique ways. We are ultimately creatives who also have to build superhuman stamina to do what we do well. 

The partnership with Wanderlust and Backline is something I thought I’d never see: wellness care for musicians and their network! It’s as important for us as for anyone, and I’m honored to be a part of helping my music family meet my movement one.

WL: Your new course on WLTV is a broad spectrum of modalities: HIIT, meditation, yoga and somatic stretches. By presenting a grab bag of short tools for not just musicians, but anyone returning to a work life that includes travel or long hours, do you aim to lower the barrier to entry so that any of these modalities might be a gateway to going deeper in another area?

Sadie Nardini Editorial 2

SN: Absolutely. Each of these sessions are short enough that anyone with limited time can do them, but they are all built from my anatomy expertise, so a 15 minute session can give the results and benefits of a much longer class! 

Since the sessions are separate, but can also be mixed and matched together into longer classes, my intention is that these become a gateway to more consistently and powerfully rock your whole body/mind fitness! 

WL: If you could reach one gifted artist who is struggling with mental health issues right now, what would you tell that person?

SN: I’ve been there, and I know that it’s all too easy to seek out unhealthy coping mechanisms – like drugs, alcohol, partying, avoidance, staying stuck – to manage the stress and discomfort of creating on such a courageous and demanding level. 

The sessions I designed will help shake up lethargy, release negativity, energize and refocus your body and soul. I’d say to them, “Give me 15 minutes, and try these sessions out.” They work on all your levels to get you quickly back into the shape, the mood, and the daily balance that we artists need most of all.   

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Sadie Nardini is the founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga®, an anatomy-enhanced yoga style, and The Yoga Shred®, a joint-safer HIIT + Yoga fitness style, both meant to inspire and empower students of all ages and abilities to rock who they are. She is digital yoga and fitness course creator and entrepreneur. Sadie is also non-binary (they/them or she), and is the lead singer of the rock band Sadie & The Tribe. Sadie currently lives in sunny Santa Barbara, California with her three kitties: Bowie, Freddie, and Annie.

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