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The Brümate Rotera water bottle held by the built-in handle.
POPSUGAR Photography | Anvita Reddy
POPSUGAR Photography | Anvita Reddy

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I’ve been told my whole life that drinking water is the answer to my health and wellness problems, from headaches and congested skin to gut issues. But staying hydrated has always been a struggle for me. With the rise of the “emotional support” water bottle trend, I decided to make it my mission to find one that would stick — and actually encourage me to keep up with my goal.

From the Hidrate smart water bottle to the viral Stanley Tumbler, determining the best water bottle on the market is truly a feat. While I tested out plenty of bestsellers and TikTok favorites, I noticed that I gravitated towards straw-clad water bottles the most. Recently, I was introduced to the Brümate Rotera Water Bottle ($40), and after reading our social producer’s rave review on her BrüMate Era, I had high hopes.

After a week drinking from the Brümate Rotera, it’s officially become my own emotional support water bottle, and it truly never leaves my side. Ahead, you can read my full review on why this water bottle is worth the hype.

What I Like About the Brümate Rotera Water Bottle:

The twist and sip straw mechanism of the Brümate Rotera water bottle.
POPSUGAR Photography | Anvita Reddy

The Brümate Rotera has several features that make it stand out. For starters, if you twist the base of the lid, the sipping straw will pop out, and if you twist it back, it will retract into the lid. The brand calls this TwistSip Technology. I appreciate that this helps keep the water bottle a bit more sanitary when I’m not actively drinking from the sip straw. Plus, this feature is key in maintaining the bottle’s leak-proof properties.

Internally, this stainless steel bottle is triple insulated to ensure cold drinks stay cool for over 24 hours. With ice in my bottle, the water was at a refreshingly cool temperature for about 30 hours. I also love that the bottle opening is wide enough to fit full-size cubes of ice. The stainless steel straw also disconnects from the lid, making it easier to clean. My biggest gripe with metal-based water bottles is that sometimes the water starts to have a metallic taste, but with the Rotera, I haven’t noticed that at all.

As someone who is certifiably clumsy and drops everything, the bottle truly is spill-proof (as long as the sip straw is closed). It also has a removable silicone sleeve that prevents it from damage in case it does happen to drop or get scuffed. The silicone sleeve also prevents the outside of the bottle from getting too cold so my hands don’t freeze when I pick it up to take a sip.

Beyond all of these perks, its aesthetic is just so chic. The colorways and the modern silhouette make me feel like the ultimate cool girl.

What to Consider Before Trying the Brümate Rotera Water Bottle:

Like most straw-based water bottles, it is very important to keep them clean and prevent mold buildup. Most of the pieces of the Rotera water bottle are top rack dishwasher-safe, except for the lid, which should be hand-washed. I usually give it a good rinse after every use once the bottle is empty. I’m also very particular about washing the lid and straw piece thoroughly as often as I can to remove excess bacteria.

According to the brand’s site, if you’re drinking just water and ice, it’s best to clean the bottle thoroughly once per week. However, if you mix green powders, hydration packets, or protein powders, it’s best to clean it thoroughly after every use to prevent bacteria growth. The brand also recommends using a Magic Eraser sponge to clean off any scuff marks on the silicone sleeve.

The 25-ounce Brümate Rotera and the 35-ounce Brümate Rotera.
POPSUGAR Photography | Anvita Reddy

Another thing to consider is which size option will best fit your needs. The 15-ounce and the 25-ounce are cup holder friendly, but the 35-ounce and the 65-ounce are great for all-day hydration without the need for a refill. Since I own both the 25-ounce and the 35-ounce, I notice that I tend to reach for the 25-ounce when I travel or go to the gym, but keep the larger 35-ounce Rotera as my “at home” water bottle.

Who Is the Brümate Rotera Water Bottle Best For?

If you’re someone who needs a straw to consume more water throughout the day, the Brümate Rotera Water Bottle is made for you. It’s also ideal for those on the go since it has a built-in sturdy handle. I can hold it while carrying other items, or even use a carabiner to clip it onto a bag without it spilling.

Additional Details:

  • The Brümate Rotera Water Bottle comes in four sizes: 15-ounce ($30), 25-ounce, 35-ounce ($50), and 65-ounce ($65)
  • It comes in over 20 colors and patterns, including pastels, earth tones, and more.
  • It’s leak-proof and dishwasher safe.
  • The brand recommends that the Rotera should not be used with carbonated or hot beverages.

Where Is the Brümate Rotera Water Bottle Available?

The Brümate Rotera Water Bottle is available on the brand’s site.


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