Margaret Qualley, Tilda Swinton and Anna Kendrick Mingle at TIFF’s Chanel Dinner


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Photo by Pat Martin courtesy of CHANEL

The evening was buzzing with the unmistakable energy of Hollywood networking in overdrive.

“I love your look! You make me want to add another necklace,” Margaret Qualley tells me at the annual TIFF Chanel dinner at Soho House Toronto this past weekend, one of the most star-studded events at this year’s film fest.

The actor is referring to the ropes of pearls I have layered over a special edition Chanel-in-Monaco T-shirt from the 2023 Cruise event. Qualley, who plays a dominatrix in Sanctuary, which premiered the following day, kept her accessories clean for a knit look covered in Chanel’s famous CCs.

Tilda Swinton, Tyler Perry and Anna Kendrick were among the other head-turners mingling at the third annual Female Filmmaker Dinner. The event is co-hosted with Variety Magazine to spotlight talent from the Chanel Women’s Writers’ Network—a project that the brand has been supporting in partnership with TIFF. But it was the unmistakable energy of Hollywood networking in overdrive that gave this evening its buzz with so many actors, writers, directors—and future job opportunities—in the space.

Many expressed their thrill that TIFF was back full throttle, including director Elegance Bratton, whose film The Inspection premiered earlier in the day. He is so enchanted by Toronto he would like to buy a home here, he shared adding, “If New York and Detroit had a socialist baby, it would be Toronto.”

Qualley, meanwhile, giggled when asked what preparation she had done for her role as a dominatrix. Did it involved any whips, chains or leather? “It’s more psychological warfare and not overtly sexual,” she explained. Whatever the vibe of the film, she has reason to celebrate. Her performance with co-star Christopher Abbott has been called “riveting” and “electric.”

Here’s our roundup of photos from the Chanel and Variety event:

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