Makeup by Mario’s Signature Lip Lift Hack and More TikTok Beauty Tricks


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From the Makeup by Mario lift lip technique to reviving day-old curls using a facial steamer.

Welcome back to TikTok beauty hacks, folks! We’re barely three months into 2024 and the year has already started off strong with a slew of new tips and tricks to try out, courtesy of our favourite clock app. Will this year’s TikTok-approved hacks rival last year’s ombré concealer method and Pat McGrath’s perfect lipstick application technique? Only time will tell. Ahead, we explore Makeup by Mario’s signature lip lift hack, how to revive day-old curls with an unconventional skincare tool, and more.

A game-changing lip lift hack, the Makeup by Mario way

It’s no secret that the right lip liner and lipstick combo can work wonders for “plumping” lips — especially when you’re applying them the Makeup by Mario way. Mario Dedivanovic (Kim Kardashian‘s resident MUA) took to TikTok to let us in on his signature lip lift technique, and we may never draw our lips on any other way.

With your go-to lip liner in hand, start by slightly overlining your upper lip just above the lip line, emphasizing the arch of the cupid’s bow. On the bottom lip, slightly overline at the centre just beneath the lip line. “This is going to create harmony and balance now with the upper lip,” he explains. Complete the look by lining the rest of the lip as usual, and dabbing your favourite lipstick overtop. Thank you for your service, Mario!

To get the *exact* lip look Mario used in his TikTok post, shop the Makeup by Mario Ultra Suede Sculpting Lip Pencil in the new shade “Spiced Chai.” It’s the neutral medium brown liner that’ll help you hack your way to lifted-looking lips.

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Chisel round face shapes by contouring vertically

It seems like there’s a different contouring hack trending every time we open the TikTok app these days. As convincing as they may be, it’s important to consider your face shape and whether or not said hacks are actually suitable for you. TikToker Chloe Paredes is going viral (racking up over 11 million views, to be precise) for her shape-shifting vertical contour technique made for round face shapes.

Instead of swiping your contour on horizontally as most contouring hacks will suggest, this trick involves drawing vertical lines just beneath your cheekbones for a face-chiselling effect. Paredes’ before and after comparison speaks for itself, with the contoured side giving the illusion of a more elongated face shape. Just don’t forget to blend.

Westman Atelier’s Face Trace Cream Contour Stick was practically made for this trick. Available in three shades — Biscuit, Truffle and Ganache — this creamy contour will have you looking snatched in no time.

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Revive bedhead curls with a facial steamer

Ever wake up with day-old curls that look like all your styling efforts the night before were a waste? I certainly have. Good thing Canadian curl expert Manes by Mell is offering up her expertise on the matter. In a recent TikTok post, she revived one of her best hair hacks for bringing natural curls back to life using…a facial steamer? Hear us out.

“Water can break the hydrogen bonds in our hair and reform them back into, basically, their natural state. So, that’s why we like to steam the hair” she explained in a follow-up post. “The benefit of the steamer is its controlled humidity. It’s humidity when you want it.”

Simply let your hair down, steam your strands for a minute or two (remember, you don’t want your hair to be wet — just refreshed), and top it off with your favourite hair serum. Who knew?

Designed to deliver a spa-like experience, this gentle-mist True Glow facial steamer by Conair is your key to both healthier skin and happier hair at the same time. We’re always here for beauty hack tools that serve several purposes.

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Pull off a full face with this all-over eyeliner hack

If the whole point of a beauty hack is to make our lives (and getting-ready routines) easier, then we’ve hit the jackpot with this game-changing eyeliner trick. In a post captioned, “brown eyeliner is a girls’ version of 5-in-1 shampoo,” TikToker @minazibayi demonstrates the many ways you can use a brown liner to achieve a nearly full face of makeup.

From standard eyeliner application along the upper lash line, outer corner of the eye and waterline to dotting on faux freckles, nose and cheek contouring and lining lips, it appears brown eyeliner is a one-product wonder. If you’re glamming on the go, this may just be the only prod you need to pop into your purse.

Newly launched by Revlon, this eyeliner isn’t called the Colorstay Multiplayer for no reason. In addition to its impressive 12-hour wear and liquid-glide texture, you can also use the shade “High Stakes” to put @minazibayi’s brown liner hack to the test.

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Hack gym-approved hair with this claw clip trick

To clip up your hair for the gym, or to wear a hat? That is the question. Until now, that is, because lifestyle influencer Claudia Walsh just proved you can do both. There’s nothing more irritating than having sweaty hair frizz up or cling to your neck during a workout, and this hair hack eliminates both of those pesky mishaps.

Once you’ve put your hat on, create a small loop of hair in the space where you’d typically pull your ponytail through, and leave the rest of your hair down. Then, gather your hair up in a twist, and attach your claw clip to the loop to hold your hair in place. Problem solved!

Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin’s collection of hair tools just landed on Sephora Canada shelves, and this hack gives us an excuse to shop their Cloudy Claw Clips. Pro tip: Match your clip to your workout set!

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