Here’s What We Know About Ariana Grande’s R.E.M. Beauty Line


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The beauty line will be available sometime this fall — and its release can’t come soon enough.

When you’re Ariana Grande, nothing you do goes unnoticed. Just this past summer, some skilled fan-sleuthing led to the discovery of the Instagram account and website for R.E.M. Beauty, the singer’s soon-to-be launched cosmetics brand.

Though it had no posts and was not following anyone, the account quickly gained thousands of followers as fans awaited details about the line. Now, months later, we’re finally getting a taste of what’s to come. Starting September 10, the brand, along with Grande herself, began teasing the launch, which has reportedly been in the works for two years. On October 11, R.E.M. Beauty posted a behind-the-scenes picture of Grande sporting a shimmery face of purple-hued makeup, getting fans (aka us) extremely excited.

And while product details are still mostly under wraps, the highly-anticipated beauty line confirmed it will be available this fall, and with its consistent promotional posting, the release could truly be any day. Read on for everything we know about R.E.M. Beauty ahead of its virtual launch.

The brand is inspired by Ariana Grande’s dreams, duh

REM is a sleep stage — specifically, it is the lightest stage of sleep, when a person may wake easily. Grande seems to like this concept, as the name R.E.M. is consistent with her current fragrance line and one of the singles from her 2018 album Sweetener, where she sings about meeting the boy of her dreams in her sleep. The minimalist R.E.M. Beauty website features the phrase, “Where your dreams become reality” — a beauty line inspired by bringing our dreams to life? Tell us more.

R.E.M. Beauty is coming to us in “chapters”

The R.E.M. Beauty products will be released in a series of drops, Grande confirmed in an interview with Allure. R.E.M. Beauty recently posted a snap of virtual folders, titled chapters one to four, on its social media pages, and hinted that chapter one — “ultraviolet” — is coming soon.

In promotional shots for chapter one, Grande can be seen sporting a dewy 1960s-inspired look. Visuals evoke an intergalactic aesthetic, something that fans can likely expect throughout the line. In developing the brand, Grande reportedly drew inspiration from the glam of the ‘50s and ‘60s, as well as space-inspired aesthetics. The first drop will focus primarily on the eyes, as reported by Allure, with fine-point eyeliner markers, liquid matte eye shadows, glittering toppers, and at least one mascara. Plus, there will be lipsticks and tingly, lip-plumping glosses included.

The line is reportedly licensed by beauty incubator Forma Brands, known for its support of other celebrity-led beauty shingles, like YouTube star Emma Chamberlain’s Bad Habit skincare line, as well as Morphe 2 from TikTok stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio.

Grande is not fazed by the ever-growing celebrity beauty brand club

It’s no secret that celebrity-founded beauty brands are taking over. Ariana Grande is set to join a slew of other celebs — like Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner — who’ve used their stardom to create makeup and skincare products. But despite entering what some would call an over-saturated market, Grande maintains that one can never have enough makeup. Moreover, a beauty line from the singer will no doubt be of interest to fans seeking to channel her signature cat eye and glossy lip look.

There could be a lot in store for R.E.M. Beauty

The brand has shared some hints about what fans can expect from the upcoming launch, but trademarked filings show an even wider range of products. Future R.E.M. Beauty products could include a broad spectrum of essentials, including concealer, lash serum, highlighter and even hair extensions — so we can all sport the famous Ari ponytail.

It will be available… soon?

Grande and R.E.M. Beauty have been teasing the brand on social media for nearly a month now, but no specific products or dates have been revealed. Fans are understandably getting antsy, but with the consistent social media presence the brand has maintained since September, and the reassurance that the line will be dropping this season, it’s likely products will be available very soon. Luckily, the site has a sign-up option so that you can be notified when the products become available.

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