Here’s What to Know About Solidcore Prices Before You Try a Class


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Solidcore prices

As a self-proclaimed workout-class connoisseur, I’ve tried my fair share of fitness studios. But Solidcore remains at the top of my list and continues to gain popularity on social media for its killer benefits, small class sizes, and high energy. That said, boutique fitness classes can get costly — so you may be wondering where Solidcore prices fall.

Before we get into Solidcore pricing and membership, let’s address what you’re paying for. Solidcore is a 50-minute “high-intensity, low-impact” strength-training workout that is done on a resistance-based machine, says Triana Brown, the director of talent and product development at Solidcore. It’s a full-body workout that prioritizes progressive overload (gradually boosting the intensity of your workouts) and slow, controlled movements to target the slow-twitch muscle fibers in your core, obliques, lower body, and upper body, she explains.

The intention behind the workout is to completely burn out each muscle group to reach “second-stage muscle failure,” so your muscles build back stronger over a couple of days, says Cassie Campbell, a head coach and manager at Solidcore in Chicago. Each class starts with a 10-minute core warmup, before moving into obliques and the upper- and lower-body muscle focuses of the day, she explains. The specific upper- and lower-body muscle focuses rotate daily to ensure proper recovery (for example, one day might be chest and outer glutes, while the next day is biceps and inner thighs), but you can expect a full-body burn at each class, she adds.

It’s also worth noting that Solidcore is not the same as Pilates. Pilates is typically rooted in deep breathing to improve muscle tone and flexibility, whereas Solidcore focuses on increased resistance, muscular endurance, progressive overload, and time under tension to build strength, Campbell says.

If all of that sounds enticing, keep reading for everything you need to know about the workout, including Solidcore prices, memberships, and additional costs to keep in mind.

Solidcore Prices

Unfortunately, there isn’t one clear answer to how much Solidcore costs. There’s a range of classes and membership packages to choose from, and pricing varies depending on your location, Brown says.

To give you an idea of the investment and Solidcore pricing, these reps shared some of the average class packages below. Just note that if you’re looking for exact pricing and membership info, it’s best to check with your local studio and/or search your specific Solidcore location on the website.

Solidcore Price Averages:

  • Single Class: $37 (prices range from $26 to $43)
  • 5-Class Package: $173 (prices range from $119 to $204)
  • 10-Class Package: $327 (prices range from $219 to $394)
  • 4 Classes Per Month (month-to-month with no long-term contract): $127 (prices range from $84 to $153)
  • 8 Classes Per Month (month-to-month with no long-term contract): $234 (prices range from $144 to $289)

Solidcore Membership

If you’re interested in a Solidcore membership, there are several options to choose from:

6-Month Commitment Memberships

  • 4 Classes Per Month: $109 (prices range from $72 to $131)
  • 8 Classes Per Month: $200 (prices range from $123 to $246)
  • 12 Classes Per Month: $252 (prices range from $136 to $327)
  • Unlimited Classes Per Month: $290 (prices range from $199 to $352)

12-Month Commitment Memberships

  • 4 Classes Per Month: $96 (prices range from $63 to $115)
  • 8 Classes Per Month: $176 (prices range from $108 to $217)
  • 12 Classes Per Month: $222 (prices range from $120 to $287)
  • Unlimited Classes Per Month: $256 (prices range from $138 to $311)

So why does price vary on the location, you ask? Well, it depends on the demand and cost of business, Brown says. There are currently 112 Solidcore studios across the nation, but classes in metropolitan areas like New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Chicago are pricier than those in a smaller market, she explains. However, Solidcore does offer a discount for up to 25 percent off regularly priced packages for military members, students, teachers, and healthcare providers.

Monthly membership holders have additional perks like early access to the class schedule, discounted retail, and the ability to bring a friend for free once a month. Plus, members get exclusive discounts from Solidcore’s brand partners like Liquid I.V., Milk Makeup, Celsius, Daily Harvest, and Heyday.

Additional Solidcore Costs to Keep in Mind

There are no additional costs to taking a Solidcore class, but you can purchase water, Celsius, and a towel for an additional fee at each studio. Grippy socks aren’t required but may be worth the investment if you have sweaty feet or are worried about slipping during class.

Image Source: Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post via Getty Images

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