Get Stronger Every Day With This 4-Week, 100-Burpee Challenge


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I was shocked when I walked into CrossFit and the WOD (workout of the day) said “100 Burpees.” I had never done that many in my life at one time, and it did not sound fun. I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to do it.

But after having gone to CrossFit five times a week for three months, I was in pretty good shape. And guess what? It didn’t suck as much as I thought, and it only took me about 10 minutes. The coach said this is a great workout to do if you can’t get to the gym, you’re away from home traveling, or if you’re short on time. My heart was pumping, I was dripping sweat, and all my muscles felt worked! Now I’m kind of loving the 100-burpee workout!

I realize this isn’t something anyone would want to just jump right into, so here is a four-week plan to help you complete the 100-burpee challenge. Aim to do 25 by the end of the first week, 50 by the second week, and so on until you make it all the way to 100. Follow the plan below. Not ready to commit to a month? We have a two-week burpee challenge for you to try.

How to Do a Basic Burpee

  • Begin standing with the feet hip-distance apart.
  • Lower into a crouching squat with your hands on the floor.
  • Do a squat thrust by jumping your feet back into a plank position.
  • Do one basic push-up, bending the elbows, touching the chest to the floor, and then straightening back to plank.
  • Step or jump the feet forward to the hands and come into a squat.
  • Do an explosive jump straight up, getting as much height as you can.

4-Week Plan to Do 100 Burpees

Directions: Warm up for a couple minutes by doing jumping jacks, arm circles, and plank walkouts. Then complete the number of reps outlined for that day.

Day of Month Number of Reps
Day 1 8
Day 2 11
Day 3 14
Day 4 Rest
Day 5 17
Day 6 21
Day 7 25
Day 8 Rest
Day 9 30
Day 10 35
Day 11 40
Day 12 Rest
Day 13 45
Day 14 50
Day 15 55
Day 16 Rest
Day 17 60
Day 18 65
Day 19 70
Day 20 Rest
Day 21 75
Day 22 80
Day 23 85
Day 24 Rest
Day 25 90
Day 26 95
Day 27 100 (you made it!)
Day 28 Rest (you deserve it!)

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