Get Energized With This 10-Minute Outdoor HIIT Session


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Get ready to up the ante with a fun-filled outdoor HIIT session, presented by Allegra. Hosted by Class Fitsugar trainer Jenna Willis, and assisted by Nikki Keeshin and Paris Nicole, this HIIT workout is designed to be easy to follow and effective. Featuring a combination of lower and upper body movements, these exercises have been selected to promote blood flow and to get the heart rate up. For beginner-friendly options, look to Paris Nicole on the right-hand side for modifications and lower-impact exercise alternatives.

The session first kicks things off with sumo punches to step-out punches, followed by rapid fire jumping jacks paired with high knees. Ramping up intensity from a sumo position to quick jumping jacks can definitely present a challenge. Willis encourages viewers to remember to breathe, even when starting to work harder, and to continually focus on finding your flow through all the movements.

Other exercises featured in this session include squat variations, such as narrowing the base stance and transitioning from being flat on your feet to the tips of your toes. Reminding everyone to show up for themselves, in the best way possible, Willis certainly knows how to utilize safe exercises that are slated to get your heart rate up.

A positive quote from Willis for everyone to remember for challenging times: “You’re closer to the finish line than you give yourself credit for.” Keep that in mind, Willis suggests, as a you push through to the finish line of this workout. To finish out the session strong, Willis incorporates continuous criss-cross heel taps, sumo squats with pulses, and alternating forward lunges with an overhead arm reach. To add some spice towards the end, Willis includes rotational split squats with punches and a rapid fire blast of bunny hops. With a motivational theme of empowerment, this no-equipment-needed HIIT workout is perfect for anyone looking for a quick session that is perfect for being outdoors.

Name: Jenna Willis

Outfit: Beyond Yoga

All Shoes: APL

Instagram: @msjennawillis

Jade Esmeralda, MS, CSCS, is a Staff Writer, Health & Fitness. A life-long martial artist and dancer, Jade has a strong passion for strength & conditioning, sports science, and human performance. She graduated with a Master of Science degree in Exercise Science and Strength and Conditioning from George Washington University.

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