Full Day of Eating 2,500 Calories | EXTRA High Protein Low Calorie Healthy Meals to Build Muscle

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The cut is over, but the high protein low calories meals do not end! Our portions of these healthy meals just get bigger. I eat relatively the same all year round wether I am bulking or cutting. I just change the amounts I eat to lose fat or build muscle. I am still eating lots of low calorie foods and using lean protein sources to hit my macro goals. Anyways it is time to grow and build some muscle so we will be eating more calories to support our muscle building process. This full day of eating was what I ate for about a week to see what my maintenance calories were. 2,500 did not increase my weight so I will be going up in calories again next week. More food means more meals that I can share with you all. As always eat your fruits and vegetables even if you are lean bulking and stay hydrated! Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on any amazing meals. May the gains be forever in your favor. ??

Today’s Menu:
Sweet Potato Anabolic Breakfast Bowl
At Home Chipotle Bowl
Non-Fat Greek Yogurt with Fruit
Protein Oatmeal (Proats)

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