9 Celebrities Breaking the Stigma Around Tourette Syndrome


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Despite how far we’ve come in medicine and representation of chronic conditions, many disorders are still not well understood, including nervous system disorders, like Tourette syndrome (TS).

TS, also characterized as a tic disorder, is typically diagnosed in childhood and is often characterized by involuntary sounds and movements called tics. Tics can appear as sudden blinking, jerking of the head, jumping, grunting, whistling, animal sounds, clicking the tongue, and in some cases, swearing.

Research shows that persistent tic disorders (including Tourette syndrome) may affect about 1.4 million people in the US. Recently celebrities like Billie Eilish and Lewis Capaldi have opened up about their experience with TS, which has helped destigmatize the condition and increase representation. But they’re not the only ones.

While much is still to be learned about Tourette syndrome, these celebs are all using their platform to bring more attention to the disorder and help people better understand the condition. Check out the celebs people giving a voice to their experiences.

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