8 Lululemon Travel Products You Need to Try For Your Next Trip


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For days filled with hikes, treks, sightseeing, and other adventures, you’ll want gear that’s flexible and agile, without sacrificing comfort or style. That’s why I opted for two of Lululemon’s bestsellers, the Align High-Rise Pant ($98) and the Scuba Oversized Half-Zip Hoodie ($118). The Align pants are lightweight, breathable, and move with my body, with a second-skin feel equipped to handle adventures. While these leggings are appropriate year round, if you’re traveling to a warmer climate, I highly recommend the Wunder Train High-Rise Short ($64). It delivers slight compression while maintaining flexibility.

The Scuba Oversized Half-Zip Hoodie is a great layering piece to keep you warm if it’s chilly. Along with its oversize fit, the fabric is soft against my skin and feels lightweight, making it a breathable option as well. I love that it’s roomy enough to start with a foundational layer underneath. Plus, the zipper pull has an elastic emergency hair tie, which is probably the most useful part of this hoodie.

I’m able to wear the Cityverse Sneaker ($138) out and about as well for long periods of time due to the design’s supportive structure. If you’re worried about getting them dirty, all it takes is a Magic Eraser sponge to keep the upper looking brand new.

To keep all of my essentials in place with my hands free, I opted for the Lululemon City Adventurer Belt Bag 2.5L ($68) as my purse. I can wear it like a true belt bag or loosen it to fit across my chest. It has three different spacious compartments to fit must-haves, from a small water bottle or camera to a wallet.

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