10 Best Tennis Skirts For the Ultimate Tenniscore Look


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The tenniscore trend is so back (and only partially fueled by our ongoing “Challengers” obsession). If you’re new to the preppy aesthetic, expect to find tailored silhouettes, bright colors, and sporty details, creating a sweet spot where fashion meets athleisure. We love to see the trend continue to gain traction, but in our opinion, the real tenniscore MVPs are actually the tennis skirts.

Although we’ve become accustomed to tennis skirts on the court, they’re just as stylish without a racquet in hand. The iconic short, pleated skirts we think of today were actually popularized back in the 1920s (a welcome break from the long, bulky skirts women played in before). Nowadays, as women continue to dominate the sport, tennis skirts have grown shorter and more lightweight for optimal play, rendering them both cute and practical. Keep reading to shop 10 of the best tennis skirts on the market, with picks from lululemon, Target, Amazon, and more.

— Additional reporting by Chandler Plante

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